2. Method

1x compass
1x vernier Calipers
1x penknife
1x hot glue gun
1x hairdryer

1x fan
Procedures for building:
  1. Use the ruler and pencil to draw a square of length 36cm in the middle of the board
  2. Divide the box into 36 equal squares, making sure that the area of the square 3.perfectly fits the big square of 36 cm
4. 6 cm from the top, mark a line
5. Cut the bottle along the line, leaving only the half with the opening
6. Use the vernier calipers to measure the diameter of the opening of the plastic bottles
7. Use the compass to draw a circle of diameter the diameter of the opening of the plastic bottles in the middle of one of the 36 squares
9. Repeat step 6 until all of the 36 squares have a circle in them
10. Drill through the circles
11. Put the top of the plastic bottles through the circles that are drilled
12. Use the hot glue gun to secure the plastic bottles in the holes

Procedures for testing:
  1. Use the hairdryer
  2. 1x 90cm by 90cm wooden board
  3. 1x Infrared thermometer sensor
  4. 1x Drill
  5. 36x plastic bottles
  6. 1x 1m long ruler
  7. 1x pencil
  8. fan to blow hot air into the bottles
  9. Use an infrared sensor to measure the temperature in;
  10. The air blown into the bottles
  11. The air that the bottles have cooled down
  12. Record down the temperature that was recorded
  13. Repeat steps 1. To 5. But replace the hairdryer with a fan.
  14. Make sure you have a total of 20 data values, with 10 data values for each one.

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