5. Conclusion

What is the problem? What is the goal of the paper?
The problem as more and more greenhouses gases are released into the air, the greenhouse gases would trap the heat from the sun’s rays in the earth’s atmosphere, in which this process of the greenhouse gases trapping the heat from the sun’s rays in the earth’s atmosphere is called the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect would cause global warming to take place, in which global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect. Thus, as the temperature rises, man would seek ways to lower the room temperature to a temperature that is of a comfortable temperature to study, work and live in. Thus, in the paper, we would be seeking ways to create a product that is not only a balance between the lowering the room temperature and being an eco-friendly product.
How is the problem solved?
The problem is solved as we are looking for a way that can not only lower down the temperature of the air, it is also environmentally friendly. The eco-cooler meets both of the criteria.
How well is the problem solved?
The problem is solved excellently, as the eco-cooler can not only improve the lives of a large group of people, and that the eco-coolers can impact the community as the current problem of global warming is known to a large group of people, it helps lower the temperature to a temperature that is comfortable enough for man to live in. Also, the eco-cooler is cheap, thus making it affordable for the people that are tight in their finances but wants to purchase or make something that can lower down the temperature of the air. Thus, the eco-cooler is an excellent alternative to the air-conditioner. Also, as the eco-cooler makes use of recycled bottles, it helps reduce waste wastage. Despite being able to lower down the temperature, it also does not use any energy and that it does not create any greenhouse gases during the process of cooling down the room temperature.
So what? How useful is this to Engineering and to the reader?
This paper is useful as can impact a lot of people’s lives, as with the current problem of global warming, the world’s temperature would continue to increase and that more and more of us would be able to experience the sweltering heat. We tend to use the air-conditioner as a solution to the current problem. As the air-conditioner produces greenhouse gases in the process of lowering down the room temperature, it would continue to worsen the greenhouse effect, thus contributing to global warming. However, if all of us use this eco-cooler as a solution to the current issue, not only would we not be contributing to global warming, we would also be reducing waste wastage, as we would be reusing the plastic bottles, thus making the eco-cooler an excellent choice to being environmentally friendly while at the same time satisfying the want of man of lowering the room temperature so that the temperature is comfortable for man to live in. Being able to meet both criteria, it can not only make lives better, but it can also encourage everyone to be doing their part for the environment and reuse plastic bottles.

Firstly, this device will allow people across the world to cool their surroundings using a cheap, innovative and eco-friendly product. This will drastically improve their lives as they can help to save the environment in a cost efficient manner. We would like to know more about how can this device be made more efficient. This can be done through further rigorous testing.  An area of further study will be is to identify the most efficient ratio of bottles to board size. This will help as we can make the product be more cost effective.

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