4. Discussion

As shown from the tables, there are no anomalies. When the fan is used, the average temperature difference is 0.39 degrees celsius. When the hairdryer is used, the average temperature difference is 8.51 degrees celsius. Our findings show that the temperature difference is great enough to affect the temperature of indoor air temperature. According to Bernoulli’s theorem, when air is moving very quickly, it is also under pressure. The funnels in our device compress air into smaller exits thus increasing the speed. When this fast moving air expands after it exits, it has an increased exposed surface area in contact with the surrounding air. This leads to the surrounding air cooling. Furthermore, this cool air is fast moving, thus a steady stream of cool air will move. This ensures that cooled air that has warmed up will keep moving. However, there are some limitations. For example, this device is not a permanent solution as it is built out of materials that do not last for a long time in weather intensive. Also, the product does not look very nice but it is efficient. Furthermore, the device is not as effective at cooling temperatures as compared to devices that use electricity. We can improve on this by using acrylic and metal as materials as they are weather resistant and look attractive. Furthermore, we can improve on the device by making it more effective.

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